You KNOW you want to take a listen to The Best of Blasphemy... What the hell is The Best of Blasphemy all about?!? Please rise and join me in reading from from the Hymnal God wants you to buy this CD. She told me. Better make sure the kiddies are out of the room... Get in touch... Confess your sins...
Sister Helen Earth says: 'Buy the CD. Don't make me get another ruler!'
The Best of Blasphemy is the brainchild of Ann Callicrate, who conceived of this project years ago while escaping her Catholic upbringing. One night she had a vision that would change her life. She would create The Best of Blasphemy to help spread the healing power of musical merriment to others who have been afflicted with SRD*.

Now you can partake of her sacred offering through this CD release! You can buy it, listen to samples, check out the lyrics, read about the artists who contributed to the project, and contact Sister Helen to confess your deepest darkest secrets...

*Serious Religion Disorder


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