You KNOW you want to take a listen to The Best of Blasphemy... What the hell is The Best of Blasphemy all about?!? You're Here!  Now please rise and join me in reading from from the Hymnal... God wants you to buy this CD. She told me. Better make sure the kiddies are out of the room... Get in touch... Confess your sins...
Sister Helen Earth invites you to listen to some of these blasphemous gems! Readings from The Book of Blasphemy:

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I.    The Vatican Rag   (The Legendary Tom Lehrer)
II.    Sister Josephine   (Jake Thackray)
III.    Praise The Lord And Send Me The Money   (Hugh Moffatt)
IV.    Father John   (N. Young / B. Kirkpatrick)
V.    Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy   (Terry Allen)
VII.    No Democracy In Heaven   (Mark Graham)
VII.    Creation Science 101   (Roy Zimmerman)
VIII.    Spiritual Wino   (Ann Callicrate)
IX.    Twenty Naked Pentecostals In A Pontiac   (Chris Stuart)
X.    Plastic Jesus   (Rush/Cromarty)
XI.    If Jesus Was A Pirate   (Ann Callicrate)
XII.    I Guess Iíll Play For Jesus   (N. Young / B. Kirkpatrick)
XIII.    Jesus Loves Me But He Canít Stand You   (Don Peters)
XIV.    Start The Apocalypse Now   (Mark Graham)



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