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Start The Apocalypse Now
(© Mark Graham)
Listen to a sample of the song! Hallelujah!
I'm here in the White House and midnight's the hour
I'm praying to you on my knees
Would you use all of your heavenly power
And answer my prayers if you please?
The nation is tired of the war in Iraq
The Democrats raise such a row
Could you put the economy back on its track?
Or just start the apocalypse now?

I've read Revelations about two hundred times
and I loved every word that I read
And Jesus is lord but gol dangit if I
can remember one word that he said
I loved all the angels, the trumpets and Whore
The Beast numbered there on his brow
The Congress is going to impeach me for sure
Could you start the apocalypse now?

I know there are prophecies yet to reveal
And so much more planning to do
But if you're too busy I know Halliburton
And Bechtel could handle it too
You'll need those four horsemen all ready to ride
Spreading pestilence, death, drought and war
Count on Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Karl and I
And in Texas I've horses galore

I hope I'm not sounding impatient or rude
  And I'm praying that you will allow us
To cut the red tape, try some privatization
And start the apocalypse now

Satan is raging all over the world
That's the way that it seems anyhow
Let's cut the debate there is no time to wait
I'll just start the apocalypse now.

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