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If Jesus was a Pirate
(© 2008 Ann Callicrate / BMI)
Listen to a sample of the song! Hallelujah!
Jesus would make a great pirate
There would be no one to kill
He would teach us to share and help others
Just like Sister Bertrille

If Jesus was a pirate
His crew would be merry and sweet
No blood of the sword, they’d be serving the Lord
And help grannies crossing the street

Jesus was calming the waters,
But he stopped himself just in time.
He almost embarrassed his shipmates
By changing the ocean to wine

If Jesus was a pirate
His ship would not need a dock
He’d lower himself to the water below
And off to the shore he would walk

The Lord is a capable captain
All the men on his ship would behave
They would have wonderful manners
Even their mothers would rave

If Jesus was a pirate
All he would do with the whores
Is feed them endless bread and wine
And help them out with the chores

If Jesus was a pirate
Instead of drinking all day
No rape and no pillage, a real global village
They’d all be attending
Their court cases pending
They’d all be attending AA!!!!!!!!

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