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Praise The Lord And Send Me The Money
(© 1989 Hugh Moffatt / BMI / courtesy of Rounder Records Corp)
Listen to a sample of the song! Hallelujah!
Late one night while watchin' Columbo
I fell asleep till quarter past three
When just like a vision I thought I was dreamin'
I heard the voice of a man on TV

Praise the Lord and send me the money
I'm so happy you can be happy too
If you praise the Lord and send me the money
That's what Jesus wants you to do

I sat straight up and reached for my checkbook
Trembling with guilt took my bic pen in hand
I wrote out the figures a one and four zeros
Went out and mailed it with a note to that man

I said praise the Lord I'm sendin' the money
I surely wanna be happy like you
Praise the Lord I'm sendin' the money
If that's what Jesus wants me to do

I woke up late for work the next morning
I could not believe what I'd done
Wrote a hot check to Jesus for ten thousand dollars
And my bank account only held thirty-one

I got a second job at a gasoline station
I'm savin' me money to pay what I owe
I don't get much sleep cause I stay up late watchin'
All of the folks on the Lord's TV show

Sayin' praise the Lord and send me the money...
Praise the Lord I'm sendin' the money

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