You KNOW you want to take a listen to The Best of Blasphemy... What the hell is The Best of Blasphemy all about?!? Please rise and join me in reading from from the Hymnal God wants you to buy this CD. She told me. Better make sure the kiddies are out of the room... Get in touch... Confess your sins...
Blasphemous Minds want to know: WHO IS Sister Helen Earth?!?!
Yes, we've ALL heard the rumors and seen the 60 Minutes exposé. But what does anyone really know about the good Sister??

They say the truth hurts, so perhaps you'd better grab the Advil, 'cause this is gonna sting a little...

Sister Helen is indeed the love child of the most macabre love triangle in the history! And now the truth can be revealed:

(kids...DO NOT try this at home!)

No wonder she joined the convent!


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